Founded in 1981, Smirdex is a leading company in the field of manufacturing premium quality abrasives for a wide range of applications. With reference to its Foundation as a well-structured family business, and, with the continuous efforts of the fully qualified staff, the company has been progressively led to growth, both in production and absolute alignment with top quality standards, through quality raw materials, certified production process, and development of innovation via specialised research.

Focusing its commercial activity on the international market, Smirdex trades 85% of its sales in more than 76 countries worldwide, through its network of dealers and associates, while the remaining 15% is distributed to the internal Greek market.

Smirdex is its people. The human resources of the company are the basis of every activity, from the supply of raw materials and manufacturing to quality controls and sales. It’s always been a team effort for us: Goals are set clearly and people head towards their accomplishment through well-described strategies.


There is an integrated philosophy behind Production. Smirdex invests in three parameters in order to deliver high-tech and top-quality products. The first parameter is none other than the production equipment itself. By continuously modernising our machines and systems, we are constantly increasing our production volumes, while ensuring consistency in top-quality products and optimal conditions for our staff.

The second parameter is the company's human resources, who are fully trained and skilled, always in touch with the latest equipment and materials technology. The third basic parameter is the selection and approval of the raw materials. Through a network of certified suppliers, we ensure top-quality raw materials that conform to strict technical specifications. The quality control of all incoming goods is done in every delivery of incoming goods is thoroughly inspected by our specialized personnel to ensure the use of approved, high-quality raw materials.

The SAPE Group is the authorised Australian distributor for Smirdex products. For further information on Smirdex products, contact our Head Office on (02) 9772 9097.